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Hopi Ear Candles


Ayurvedic Rebalancing Therapy


Heated Ayurvedic oils, selected according to your body's constitution, are poured over your skin. A deep kneading, acupressure and lymphatic massage are used to clear accumulated toxins which if ignored result in tension pockets and sluggish skin. The techniques are modified to address your individual needs. A full body polish is applied to refresh and leave your skin glowing. Your hands and feet are given that extra boost with the application of a nourishing mask, which is wrapped to keep warm, whilst Cheryl works on your face. The facial part of the treatment uses the Carole Franck Curative Skincare Range . A full scalp, neck and shoulder pressure point and lymphatic massage is also included to ensure all areas of tension and fatigue are addressed. The treatment concludes with a prescription face mask and moisturiser to compliment your skin. A truly top to toe therapy!


Swedish Massage