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Carole Franck - Holistic Facials

Non-Surgical Face Lift


This treatment employs advanced micro-current technology to lift and tone facial muscles, applied via a combination of pads and individual probes. Wrinkles, lines and puffiness around the eyes are minimised and the skin is deeply conditioned. Carole Franck lifting and firming products are incorporated within this treatment to further enhance the effect. Positive results are obtained after an initial programme of 12 treatments within a four-week period. Skin wrinkles and sags due to a combination of factors including the passage of time, stress, poor nutrition, excess alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation, exposure to cigarette smoke, sunlight, and pollution. Ultimately, however, it all boils down to damage caused by free radicals. Home care products are recommended to provide 24 hrs lifting care, reinforcing the treatment outcomes.

Carole Franck Rejuve Golden Facelift - Electro-Acupuncture

Ayurvedic Facial and Scalp Massage