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EyeLash Perming

EyeBrow and EyeLash Tint

Individual False Eyelashes

Eyebrow shape

Make-up Lesson

Colour Consultancy

Self Tanning


Permanent Hair Removal


Permanent hair removal is achieved by means of a gradual destruction of the hair root via heat or chemical methods. The choice of which depends upon the hair growth and client tolerance. A fine probe is passed down the side of the hair into the follicle where a small current is discharged. Over a period of time the hair growth weakens and the regrowth becomes lighter, finer and less dense, leading to a permanent removal.Cheryl is an advanced practitioner in methods of electrolysis and permanent hair removal and achieved Winning Tutor in the 1998 National Sterex Student of the Year Competition.

Red Vein and Skin Tag Removal

Holistic Manicure or Pedicure