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Ferndale Holistic Beauty Spa
'An exclusive service incorporating holistic, beauty and spa principles tailored to the individual'

“My philosophy is to provide an exclusive service tailored to the individual, whilst maintaining a commitment to high standards, providing luxurious surroundings, complete comfort and the best products available to ensure your visit is enjoyable. I have spent many years refining my skills and therapies, and firmly embed an holistic approach throughout, to provide effective therapies that treat the mind, body and spirit.

Today most of us lead frenetic life styles. As women, there is increasing pressure on us to successfully balance a career with being a wife, mother and homemaker; with the added pressure of wanting to look and feel good, for ourselves. This often leaves us too stressed out and with no energy to devote time to ourselves. Many women also feel guilty when they spend time and money on themselves, adding to the stress. Stress not only affects feelings of well-being and vitality, but can also result in skin problems, sleeplessness, or even illness. When the woman of the household feels like this, it can have an effect on the whole family. Although your body is amazingly strong and resourceful, it has not evolved fast enough to cope with the incredible toxic stew that the 21st century has produced.

With your commitment and co-operation we can work together to achieve the results you deserve and an inner grace and calm that radiates from within”.